MAPJD online 2020 graduates get together to talk about the significance of place in their work and common threads in their diverse projects. 

Listen to them in conversation.

Leah Band & David Molloy – Place & Ecology 

Leah Band and David Molloy discuss how environmental concerns drove their work, the important part that editing and writing played in their projects and why they decided to create photobooks.

Lou Taylor & Francesco Pennacchio – Place & Grief

Lou Taylor and Francesco Pennacchio discuss the significance that place and grief have in their work and the role of photography in processing grief.

Bryan O’Brien & Daniel Day – Place & Identity 

Bryan O’Brien and Daniel Day talk about working on stories closer to home and how lived experience can affect documentary work.

Alina Saranti & Nick Goring – Place & Poetry 

Alina Saranti and Nick Goring talk about approaching storytelling in a poetic way, different ways of finding truth and the role of limitations in their work.

Joe Twigg & Nicolas Schwaiger – Place & Time 

Joe Twigg and Nicolas Schwaiger discuss the significance of time in their process, finding a theme when working on projects that develop intuitively and photography as a profession.