Rainer De Mey . The Blue Lake

‘“Powerless children are at the mercy of war. The abuse of power (…) takes away what is beloved and dear: Parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, the favourite doll, the children’s room and the blue lake, the language, the colours, the fragrances of childhood, it takes away their very own lives, without any possibility of defending themselves.”
Peter Heinl

‘The Blue Lake’ is a story of lost connections. It is a story of lost places and an approach to re-connect with the past. The author gets in contact with the places of his parents’ war childhoods, where they were most probably traumatised from air raids and expulsion. As children, they might have never had the chance to process their experiences. So they pass on their trauma to future generations. To me. And my son. It is time to travel back. Ironically, the project was undertaken in the beginning of the Corona pandemic, when everything was turned upside down.


Rainer De Mey is a documentary photographer and user experience designer based in Germany, close to Frankfurt. He studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover and at the London College of Communication where he finished his MA in 2020. Amongst his teachers were Paul Lowe, Rolf Nobel, Andrea Gjestvang and Ute Mahler.

Besides commissions for reportages, corporate communication and architecture, Rainer works on long-term projects dealing both with our past as well as a sustainable future. In his work, participatory approaches, collaborative projects and new forms of image generation are meant to question the roles of author, object and subject.